When Galaxies Collide

What happens when galaxies collide? Common sense told us that an explosion will usually follow. A more creative mind will come up with greater science – fiction ideas, like releasing stream of highly energetic x – ray photons that somehow distort space and create black hole.

A Spiral Galaxy called NGC 1309

A Spiral Galaxy called NGC 1309

Sadly, common sense rarely works in astronomy or astrophysics. What would have really happened, as shown in the video and supported by real images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, is that the two galaxies actually merge together. Although galaxy is made up of billion of stars, there is actually plenty of empty space. When two galaxies meet each other, their stars don’t collide with each other. Rather, their enormous masses create two interacting gravitational pulls that will eventually create a spiral galaxy. (a more expert explanation is available here)

Sometime, the human mind needs to think about something other than the petty stuffs on Earth, so that you know how little you are.

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