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Skyfall (2012) – When James Bond needs to retire?

‘Take the bloody shoot!’ ordered the MI6 Boss M (Judi Dench). Eve (Naomie Harris), the fellow agent, duly triggered. James Bond (Daniel Craig) fell to the river and flushed to the fall. This is the end. Hold your breath and count ten 

Fifty years since the 1st installment Dr. No (1962),  we are no longer haunted by the Soviet global domination or an immediate nuclear attack. In this post – modern age, we are more at the hostage of hackers who can sift through the iTune store security system and steal our credit card passwords than a band of amateurish scientists building primitive nuclear weapons in Iran or North Korea.

That’s how James Bond has to move with age. This time, a computer hard drive containing the identity of NATO’s  undercover agents was stolen by Silva,  the obnoxious mastermind who is more interested at personal retribution than any old – fashioned world domination idea (Recall Julian Assange.)

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Travel the World with Van Loon

‘ “But what,” as Alice might have asked, “is the use of Geography without a little Travelling?” ‘, Van Loon concluded in his Geography: A Story of the World (1937). Van Loon was a prolific writer, most reputedly known for his Story of Mankind that won the first Newbery Medal – an award for distinguished book written for children. Full of humanity and compassion, his works provided a rich source of knowledge for children and adults alike.
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