Vincent Malloy (1982) – In Anticipation to Frankenweenie

Vincent Malloy is seven years old. He’s always polite and does what he’s told.

Vincent Malloy is a short 6 minute stop – motion film directed by Tim Burton, telling a story about a young, possibly deranged, boy drowned in daydreams and fantasies.


Employing the German Expressionism techniques, in particular the juxtaposition of stark light and dark to create shadows (‘chiaroscuro’ or light/dark), the film runs with a constant shift between Vincent Malloy’s reality as a seven years old boy and his (over) imagination as Vincent Pride who  wished to transform his loyal dog into horrible zombie and to dip her aunt in a big cauldron of wax.

True horror usually turns on the psychological reality, just as Jack’s alcoholism that caused hallucination in The Shining or the unnamed narrator’ s murder account of a man with blue eyes in The Tell – Tale Heart. Vincent Malloy’s mind, full of bizarre ideas and Gothic horror, transcends the blurred line of reality to present us his dark psychological world.

Tim Burton’s coming new film, Frankenweenie, in black and white,  seems not only a resurrection of his earlier short film, bearing the same name ‘Frankenweenie’ (1984) but also a full – blown imagination of his earliest Gothic horror and perhaps also his continued obsession with silly, lonely bizarre kid.

Vincent Malloy is directed by Tim Burton and narrated by Vincent Price.

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