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A Bedtime’s Story


The luminous blue eyes blink in a room in which a dim lamp is still on at the bedside.

The light blue threads inside the eyes intermingle with each others and form a great mysterious maze. The dark pupil is locked in this large network of beaming blue thread.

The owner of these eyes asks “Dad, why are there stars in the sky?”

The Dad frowns and says “You really want to know?”

The owner says” Yes. Every times, I look out at the sky, I wonder why they appear.”

The Dad says ” Well, the story was dated long long time ago…”

The owner interrupted “How long?”

“Very long. Long before your dad, me, and your grandpa have been born. In fact, that dated back to the beginning of the world”

” At the beginning, there was a giant man that is being squashed in tiny little round room”, he continues, “One day, he had enough of it and he stood up to expand the room”.

“And so the world is created but at that time, there is no trees or anything else. There is only absolute darkness”

“The giant man used his hair to make the trees. His tears to be the river. His skin to be the ground. His backbones to be the great range of mountains. “

” He wanted the earth to be fertilized with his thinking and so he took part of his soul to create the man and the woman. That’s why we, humans, are so intelligent ( “what does ‘intelligent mean’?”, the owner asks) or smart”

” By the time, there is still only darkness. The giant man took off one of his eyes to be the sun. However, he noticed after the sun goes down, humans tended to do bad things.”

“What bad things?”, the owner asks.

” Stealing, lying, cheating”, the Dad answers.

The owner of the beautiful blue eyes shudders. He is blinking faster and faster now and the blue threads are shaking with fear which is mixed by a slight hint of subtle excitement.

“To stop his creation doing bad things, the giant man took off his another eye. He broke it into many small pieces. The biggest piece is to be the moon. The other little tiny pieces are all scattered in the sky at night. They are all little eyes of the giant man to supervise the humans.”

” What will happen if people have done bad things?”, the owner asks with his blue eye focusing even more now on his dad.

” The stars will come to the world and be transformed into an immortal form of a person to warn them doing the good things again.”

” That’ it?”. the owner asks

” If the person is still doing bad things, the stars will again come and take the eyes of that person to join them in the sky.”

” Cool, so that person could join the stars to travel around the world? His eyes could be decorated in different colours and help the other stars to supervise the world? “

“It is the most horrible thing for a person to lose the eyes.That’s enough for tonight. “

” Could you tell me a little bit more on what the stars and the eyes do in the sky, please?”

“It is already too late for tonight, sleep now”

The Dad bends over and switches off the lamp. Only the stars outside of the windows and the dim blue eyes are visible now.

“Good night” says the Dad and he leaves.

In the next morning, a terrible agonized cry is heard. Two blue eyes are hanging at the window. The black pupils are integrated into the great maze of blue threads and are dilated to the largest extent, as when they are staring at something. They are to be incorporated into liquid of white substance to form perfectly round eyeballs.

But this time, they did not blink.


The Starry Night

Some nonsense for me to avoid doing history homework today :

The myriad of stars appear in the sky. They compete with each other with their blue, red and green lights but none of them is able to penetrate through the dark mass of leaves that covers the pathway.

The streetlight stabs through the leaves and is deeply rooted at the end of the pathway. Under it stood her. Through black glasses with a bright red joint, her brown dark eyes are looking at him.

At the other end of the pathway stood him. He is looking at her. She has a oval face with a high nose and long chin. The subtle yellow streetlight hit upon the tiny little red, blue and green stones in her earing of a butterfly.

The light reflects back like the light of the stars in the sky. Yet they are both looking at each other. With silence.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – An Imitation

The skull-like moon oversees the quiet night. He stretches monstrous arms of moonlight with unusual brightness to the darkness below. One of them streams straight past the broken window and hit a man.

A man with angelic face

A man with cold blue eyes.

A man with a malicious smile.

Opposite to him is a portrait. A portrait of an old man. Like King Louis XIV in his elaborate dress, he poses with total confidence. One could sense the royal authoritative charisma from him through the portrait. Yet he is withered and old. His once golden hair turns completely grey. His blue eyes are diminished with an weariness. The nose and mouth are stuck on his face in a cluster. He is another old poor man you see on the streets. With his grotesque winkled face, his pose is more like a third -rate actor trying to be King Macbeth with his majestic look but instead only succeeds to act with over-exaggerated facial gesture of emotion.

Looking at this horrible portrait, the man laughs. His subtle malevolent smile turned into laughter. Mad laughter.